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Mary Skelter™ Finale - PS4 - Limited Edition

Mary Skelter™ Finale - PS4 - Limited Edition

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The final chapter of the Mary Skelter™ Trilogy is almost here! 

Mary Skelter™ Finale Limited Edition includes:

  • Mary Skelter™ Finale - Playstation 4 Game
  • Hardcover Novel Box Set   (Includes 3 novels!)
  • Official Hardcover Art Book
  • Poster
  • Steel Game Case
  • Collector’s Box
  • 3 Disc OST *Includes tracks from the entire Mary Skelter Trilogy!
  • Exclusive Trading Card *** SOLD OUT TRADING CARD ***

Mary Skelter™ Finale Playstation®4 Game

Hardcover Novel Box set -Read up on all the Mary Skelter lore you can handle with the Hardcover Novel Book Set! This three novel set includes stories never before released in the West, and comes in a boxed set with a graphic sleeve featuring Jack and Alice! 

Novel Book 1: 15 stories, 132 pages

Novel Book 2: 7 stories, 67 pages

Novel Book 3: 12 stories, 60 pages

Official Hardcover Art Book -This is no fairy tale! Learn all about your favorite characters, check out concept art, and even read an exclusive developer Q&A, all in the Official Hardcover Art Book!

Size: 6.3" x 8.1"

Pages: 59

Steel Game Case -If you're going to fight the Marchens, you'll need some protection. Defend yourself and your game with the Steel Game Case. Featuring art both inside and out!


PlayStation 4: 7.5" x 5.12" x 0.63"

Collector’s Box -With the members of Massacre Pink lurking around every corner, keep your Limited Edition safe with the Collector's Box!

 Size: 7.1" x 8.7" x 2.1"

Reversible Cover Sleeve

3 Disc OST *Includes tracks from the entire Mary Skelter Trilogy!-Descend back into Jail and relive all your favorite memories with the Mary Skelter Official Soundtrack Collection! This 3-disc set includes song from all three Mary Skelter games! 

Total Tracks:

Mary Skelter: Nightmares (Disc 1): 26

Mary Skelter 2 (Disc 2): 30

Mary Skelter Finale (Disc 3): 22

Exclusive Trading Card- IFI Online Store exclusive for Mary Skelter Finale (Day One Edition or Limited Edition).*

Size: 3.5" x 2.5"

While stocks last

Poster -Don't let your room look like Jail! Decorate your walls with this poster, featuring the series cast of Mary Skelter!

Size: 11.7" x 16.5"


 Key Features

  • Zap and Explore – “Zap” between 6 groups of characters to dive deeper into their individual stories and relationships. Doing so will also allow you to coordinate puzzle-solving through dungeons filled with unforgivable traps, hidden gimmicks and treasures.

  • Infectious Insects and Cruel Nightmares –  During battle, Nightmare larvae known as “Insectmare” may appear! These pests will latch on to a player’s screen, obstruct the view of battle, disable battle commands, and give players negative condition ailments. Seemingly invincible monsters known as Nightmares still lurch through each dungeon floor, so stay sharp!

  • Dive in the Depths of the Trilogy – Discover more about the Mary Skelter universe with the help of the three light novels that are included digitally in-game! Will Jack, Alice, and the rest of the crew escape the clutches of a living Jail and live happily ever after?

  • Nightmare Déjà vu – Mary Skelter Finale includes all of the event scenes from Mary Skelter: Nightmares and Mary Skelter 2! With the BEFORE STORY option, newcomers can catch up on the story before tackling the series finale, and veterans can sit back and relive the epic story of Mary Skelter!


Release Date: Limited Edition Shipping from 11th October 2021

Genre: Dungeon-crawling RPG

Rating: PEGI 16

Publisher (Video game): Idea Factory International, Inc.

Developer: Idea Factory / Compile Heart

©2020 IDEA FACTORY/COMPILE HEART All rights reserved. Neptunia is a trademark of IDEA FACTORY. Licensed to Idea Factory International, Inc. and published by Reef Entertainment. Developed by IDEA FACTORY.

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