Embrace the office drama and romance of Sympathy Kiss with the Opening Movie Trailer for the upcoming otome visual novel. Sympathy Kiss will be arriving physically and digitally in Europe for the Nintendo Switch™ early 2024!

Sympathy Kiss will be getting a Limited Edition, offered exclusively through the IFI EU Online Store!

The contents of the Limited Edition, as well as the pre-order date, will be revealed at a later time. Those who purchase either the Day One Edition or Limited Edition from the IFI EU Online Store will also receive an EXCLUSIVE trading card!*

Fans can now sign up to be notified when pre-orders go live for the Day One Edition and Limited Edition of Sympathy Kiss via the IFI EU Online Store.

*while stocks last.


About the Game:

About a year has passed since Akari Amasawa started her new job as a designer at Estario, a mobile app maker. While she doesn’t dislike her job, she’s not deeply passionate about it either. After her yearly performance review, she’s given the opportunity to join the Estarci team.

The company’s namesake app, Estarci is a news app that made a big splash when it launched, but has since fallen behind rival apps, including apps run by Estario itself. Management has decided to give the app one last chance before shutting it down for good, and Akari and all of her new co-workers will need to give it their all to save the app from the chopping block.

Will Akari find true love? Will she find what it is she wants to do in life? Will the app get shut down? Wait, was Akari only given this opportunity because the company was looking for an excuse to fire her?!

Business and pleasure mix in Sympathy Kiss, a thrilling office romance and slice-of-life drama!

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