We are excited to reveal the Opening Movie Trailer for 9 R.I.P.featuring the song "horizon" by Pluto!

Struggling with the burdens of life and questions about the future, you crave an escape. You've heard about prowling ghosts and people disappearing to places mysterious, strange, and maybe even a little scary. That's when fate offers you a hand. Will you take the chance and step into the unknown?

9 R.I.P. will launch physically and digitally on Nintendo Switch™ in 2024

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About the game:

In this town, there is a long-standing rumor about people being spirited away... They also say that people with lots of anxiety or those who are struggling are more likely to get spirited away. You think you'll be okay...?

In the beginning of autumn, during her second year of high school, that's what Misa Isshiki, was told by her best friend, causing her heart to skip a beat.

I'll be fine, I don’t really believe in any of that stuff anyway.

That's right... She doesn't believe in that kind of thing...It's just... Her life had been filled with so much stress, all related to what her future would hold...

That's when an eerie voice reached out to her...

Why don't we take a look and see what you should do with your life! Let’s put you on the right path…

And that's when all the strange things around Misa began to happen...

For more information on 9 R.I.P., check out the Official Website!

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